Youth Entrepreneurship Facility

The Youth Entrepreneurship Facility is part of the International Labour Organization. The facility exists to support emerging and existing young entrepreneurs to succeed in their business ventures.

International Labour Organization

The ILO is the only tripartite United Nations agency. It brings together representatives of governments, employers and workers to jointly shape policies and programmes promoting Decent Work for all.

Youth Employment Network

YEN works to engage, educate and motivate actors to provide improved employment opportunities for youth. It is a platform and service provider focusing on policy advice, innovative pilot projects, knowledge sharing, and brokering partnerships.

Africa Commission

The Africa Commission was launched by the Prime Minister of Denmark in 2009 to help Africa benefit more from globalization. The Africa Commission focuses on how to create more jobs and further economic growth in Africa in the years to come.

Our Approach

The Unleashing African Entrepreneurship initiative has six strategic components to unleash the ideas of existing and emerging entrepreneurs.

Our Team

The Youth Entrepreneurship Facility is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.