Supporting young

Tanzania. Uganda. Kenya


Fostering a culture
of entrepreneurship


Enabling access to
finance for young

Welcome to YEF Africa

The Youth Entrepreneurship Facility is part of the International Labour Organization. The facility exists to support emerging and existing young entrepreneurs to succeed in their business ventures.


The aim of YEF in Tanzania is to produce highly motivated, selfless, and dedicated young men and women who are equipped with the necessary skills to participate pro-actively in the development of the private sector and the creation of employment.

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The Youth Entrepreneurship Facility’s strategy in Uganda addresses a range of the needs and challenges of young Ugandan women and men exploring entrepreneurship as a career option and those starting or growing their own businesses.

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The Youth Entrepreneurship Facility seeks to build the capacities of youth in Kenya to contribute to developing a greener and more sustainable economy spurring economic growth and employment creation.

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